What We Do

REI Water deliver a valuable service regarding the installation and maintenance of Rainwater Harvesting systems to the agricultural, commercial and domestic markets.

Our Objective

This service will help counteract the impending water charges that each of the respective sectors will experience. This in turn is a Renewable technology which can help the consumer save on an environmental and economic level.

Water = Money

Conserve water and save money. Get in touch and see how one of our systems can save you money on your water charges bills. Get in Touch


About Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is a technology used for collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops, land surfaces or road surfaces using simple techniques such as barrels, tanks and cistern method. Harvested rainwater is a renewable source of clean water that is ideal for domestic and landscape uses. Uses also include water for garden, water for livestock, water for irrigation, and indoor heating for houses etc. In many places the water collected is just redirected to a deep pit with percolation.

Welcome to REI Water

REI Water are committed to provide services in Renewable Engineering for community and individual projects. We will supply the Irish market with Rainwater Harvesting systems & various packages due to the impending Water charges to come into Ireland. These systems will reduce the costs expected from water use in domestic, agriculture and commercial premises.
Rainwater Harvesting is the future for economic & environmental harnessing of the most valuable natural resource on this planet. Water!

Our Products

There are many different systems suitable for different types of requirements. Get in touch with us and after reviewing your water needs and the limitations of your site we can recommend the most suitable product for you to insure mamximum benefit.

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Why Choose Us?

Looking for the right company to work with can be a difficult process but we've broken it down in to what we feel is most important for our customers.


We've been installing water collectors for almost 10 years and over that time have built up a knowledge base of experience in dealing with all aspects of water collection and conservation.


We work hard to not only to make sure your Water collection system is the right one for you but also insure it has been installed with precision to insure it continues to work hassle free long into the future.


Follow up and support services are vital to ensure that you get the most from your installation whether it be to install a new system or maintain an existing one. Get in touch to find out more Contact Us


GRAF – Setting standards in quality

For over 45 years, Otto Graf GmbH has been offering highclass plastic products to its customers. In 1974 GRAF developed its first pioneering range of rainwater harvesting products. GRAF are the market leader in Germany and Europe for plastic rainwater collectors.


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